Influencer Marketing

Most people nowadays take their news from social media, so Arabisk Media brought content makers and brands together to create intense and wide-reaching social media collaborations.

We have strong associations with a wide variety of influencers situated in the Middle East region with reach into the many millions.

Our social influencer packages start from a very small budget and can be highly targeted to an engaging audience – whether based upon interest, location or demographic.

We work closely with brands to be reached by the right Arab consumers through word of mouth so we use our contacts to connect brands with the right Arab influencers.

And we make it easier for influencers to get in touch with brands and to monetize their social media accounts.

Arabisk Media handles:

-            Making sure influencers are real and validated

-            Getting a large pool of influencers for brands to choose from

-            Agreements and Contracts

-             Brand Ambassadors Contracting.


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